Strength comes from numbers and standing out from the crowd. You're growing great corn, sapping some good trees, grinding the best beef around, curing the smelliest cheese, milking the sweetest cows... this is the place to showcase your goods. Why not sell to best chefs in town? The ones that seek local and fresh.

"FarmLink simplifies the sales process to existing clients and introduces us to places unfamilliar with our product. Just like the Co-Op, this is a cheap date for a producer." 

- Nathan Creswick
  Creswick Farms 

The Farmlink staff from left: Jerry Adams, Paul DeLeeuw, Courtney Cheers, Paul Quinn, and Sarah Hodge






West Michigan FarmLink is a wholesale food hub for professionals. We connect local area chefs, restaurateurs, institutions and schools with Michigan farmers and producers of good food products.

Our main facility is located in Grand Rapids. From there, we service the greater GR area. We offer delivery services to Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore communities of Grand Haven, Holland, Zeeland and Saugatuck/Douglas.

Farm Fresh Eggs from Creswick - Creswick's hens are free range Rhode Island reds and Barred Rocks raised on a chemical free, non soy, non medicated diet.

Photo Courtesy of Nathan Creswick

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